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You use less so your carbon footprint is less. More technology does not mean more energy, lighting control systems and automation can save enough to make a significant impact on your monthly bill as well as your environment.



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crestronCrestron Green Light™ technology provides environmental management and control to conserve energy and lower costs. This demo shows how you can monitor energy consumption in real-time as well as view historical usage. This real-time tracking allows a Crestron system to automatically dim lights or conserve power once you reach certain thresholds you have programmed into the system. Note only the energy-related controls are active in this demo; in a real-world scenario, all the controls would be active.

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The latest in Monitoring is from eMonitor. This stand alone system can monitor your electrical usage with greater detail allowing easier changes to useage or finding inefficient appliances. Up to 44 different circuits can be monitored with one box. email and text alerts can be sent if usage or there is a problem. Remote access from a iDevice or computer to look at the whole house or an individual circuit. Energy sources, such as solar or wind power can be tracked and logged. Easy, inexpensive and a savings of 15 to 25% off your electrical bill by using these powerful software and hardware tools.


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